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I’m thinking about giving a talk at work, but giving talks make me nervous. So I have to start planning before I even apply. I feel like I’ve been working up to this for years.

Yes, I work for Automattic. Six years now. I could have gotten a PhD. Maybe I have working here.

I just sent this email to my mom.

An email sent in gmail, from Anna to Louse (her mom), that reads:

What were the dang rules of the Dictionary Game? I remember always having to find words that people were unlikely to know, and having to write one real copy of the definition, and everyone else made up a definition, and one person would then read them all and we'd like... vote somehow? On which one we thought was right. How did it work? Haha!

I'm trying to come up with a talk for work and I think I might make people play the Dictionary Game instead. If I can sell it as something fun and educational and important. I think I can through conversation and curiosity.

Were there points in the game? Did someone win? ๐Ÿ˜†

What were some funny answers you remember?

I also started a new art and research project (just in its infancy, don't judge lol) - (I'll probably write about it a bit on soon too, I'm thinking of using it all as a PhD project, for a PhD study of the web an human and artificial intelligence - not sure that exists, but I'll make it exists ha!).

Talk to you soon. Loves. :)

My mom was an English major in college. She’s always emailing between her sisters and giving me updates. I love hearing about their lives through words.

So I’m thinking about this talk for work. A talk about being curious?

I’m starting my brainstorming for this talk. We’ll, I’ve already started obviously. I think my first notes about it came in Simplenote. But I’ve been working on it since I started this blog.

I jumped to Gmail to get some info from mom. Not being able to exactly remember if there was a winner in the game, or if we just enjoyed the laughs and the reveal of the real definition.

Now I’m here starting my notes in WordPress. On (and now coming back and editing).

I’m documenting the paths I’m taking with information in todays world as I’m taking them. Will that help in the future world? Like an explorer in a jungle taking note of route, flora, fauna, and experiences.

That’s part of my proposed study of the web and human and artificial intelligence.

That exploration. (and how it evolves).

I asked ChatGPT-4 to provide a proposed PhD title for this study. Using my primary (or favorite) conversation in’s tool. I asked (with the context you’ve read so far in this post)…

What could I title my PhD study based off that information?


Title for your PhD study:

“Curiosity in Digital Pathways: Navigating Human and Artificial Intelligence in the Web Epoch”

This title encapsulates your journey through different platforms for information gathering and the interplay between human instinct and artificial intelligence on the web. It alludes to the spirit of exploration (curiosity), your personal experience (digital pathways), and the broader theme you’re looking to study (navigating the interplay between humans and AI on the internet).


I wanted to understand epoch a bit in this context.

Define Epoch



  1. A period of time in history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics.
  2. The beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something.
  3. In geology, a division of time that is a subdivision of a period and is itself divided into ages, relating to a stage in the development of the Earth or its inhabitants.
  4. In astronomy, a particular period of time in which a celestial object is observed, typically used as a reference point in time to predict its future positions.

While documenting this, I’m realizing that I’m analyzing how my brain works and coming to conclusions based on those thoughts in real time. I’m coming to terms with my consciousness as I explore with AI. It’s an interesting experience. This tech tools are allowing me to have.

What would you get if you explored like this? What are you exploring now?

#whatfivewords? [this is is a third edit bracket, hoping to define this project. What Five Words, focused on helping people define what five words define how they want to explore, or how they might use words or WordPress, like I am here].

Say it in five words.


Funny to me that statement is also five words.

Period marked by notable events.


Oops, I knew as soon as I hit return. (I just went from editing above back to writing, just noting that is part of my process, I edit as I write, it takes a while as I circle back and re-read and re-read, and analyze). Live blogging, with notes.

I knew the answer would be about defining Epochs, when really I wanted to get to titling my PhD in five words.

Title my PhD in five words.


Web, Human, AI: Converging Epochs


At the end of my study here… if it ever ends… I don’t think it will. (Said in Dean’s voice for some reason, a mentor).

At the end of my study here, I’d like to ask ChatGPT-4 again, another way.

Let me do it now.

Live blogging, with ChatGPT-4, with notes, with WordPress. Quick someone quote me. I just did. I made myself actually lol, a little.

Say it another way.


Digital Evolution: Web Meets Consciousness.


Much better. ๐Ÿ™‚

Digital Evolution: Web Meets Consciousness.

I’m hungry again, it’s now 6:08am. I’ve been up since around 2. Enjoying myself, but I know I’m going to be tired. [hopefully last edit around 6:25am on the reread]

I hope I made some impact at work this morning, in a good way.

I did some art online. Did some work. If I wasn’t so sore, I’d feel good. But at least I’m content and warm. Heating pad and furnace keeping me cozy.

But alas. My back is hurting and this weird live blogging note taking exploration and development and edits of my notes and thoughts here has put me in a V8 and lay down mood.

Time to take a bio break. Looking forward to see where this research goes. A few more quick edits. (Thats me thinking in different voices with different symbols to recognize it). That’s me keeping track of my thought process if I were to re-read. To feel it again.

By writing this as I think, am I teaching consciousness? Or am I just teaching about mine. Giving you some small glimpse into the ways I think. And the ways I think are always changing. (Just re-reading a second? time, it’s not quite the same, but it’s about the documentation, the exploration, thoughts, and research).

What are you documenting? Just another question. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bio break, I said I was leaving. I’m infamous [coming back a third edit after the spelling correction to add the link to the other blog iI’ve started where I’m exploring this in another way, another project] (but wait, I first miss typed that as imfamous, I’ll have to come back and explore that word later) for this. Keep talking after I say I’m going to leave. A family trait I believe.

Seriously. Break time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dog barks, on the last re-read. And it’s pretty much time for coffee.

Bio break for real. (after I check my settings and hit publish, don’t wait to hit publish)


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