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I panicked. I just started this post thinking I’d summarize all my notes and jump into ideas during the Hobbes team meetup in the Bahamas.

I literally panicked when I hit this page.

I have tons of notes in Simplenote. But I froze. That was stage fright. It happens everywhere, even when the stage is tiny. I don’t care who reads this, so I shouldn’t have froze, but for a moment, sitting in front of my coworkers here in the Bahamian airport. I couldn’t write.

They laughed, and asked if I was live blogging. I guess I am, to them. Experiential blogging? But I totally admitted that I froze when I opened this page. Part of the experience I guess.

Because they were here, they helped me move forward. We are a team. Automattic is a team.

I was going to say, since this morning, I’ve been thinking about why someone would use Or maybe why WordPress in general. What makes us special? Towards the end of my long journey home from the Bahamas, through delays, dead batteries on the wheelchair, a lost earring (my only souvenir), and just pure exhaustion, I met and got to speak with a man named Volkan.

Everything for a reason.

Volkan, PDX Sept 29th, early am hours

We must do everything for a reason. What is’s reason?

I know that all our moving parts, all our diversity, all our opinions, it’s all special in some way, but when it comes together, what is our why?

Reminds me of Simon Sinek I think (no Googling to check at the moment, just writing), who wrote “Start With Why?” I don’t think I ever actually read it. I think I judged that book by the cover, or the title. I judged it by three words.

What do I judge WordPress by? I’d give it five words.

But… what five words?

Some notes from Simplenote below on the five words variations I explored and feel, personally.

What Five Words?

Blog to curate your own memories. A spot to put the story, the way you want to remember it.

The line I that I joke about. But there’s truth in jokes.

I gotta write that down.


Standing in the kitchen in the Bahamas. Brushing my teeth. Watching a crane in a tree through an open window.

My last items to pack up, linger.

My Compex EMS, a pin from a past GM that says “COME TALK 🙂 TO ME”. My white shirt with blue paint stains from this meetups activity.

My journal. My own watercolors and the unfinished paintings, my swimsuit thinking I’d catch one last dip in the pool.

My cane. Wheelchair. Wheelchair charger. Laptop. Some cash. Wallet.

My toothbrush hangs out my mouth as I write this on my Pixel with Simplenote.

I’m finally writing it down.


I’m going to make time.


I jot this down and hit the pool.

It helps me curate my life. The way I want it to be.

I have everything I need with just a few apps on my phone. WordPress and Simplenote (writing). Telegram and Slack (communication).

I’m going to make time.


There is no way to verify truth anymore.

How do we know something to be true?

Trust but verify?

Verify how?

You had to be there.


Love club. Like Fight Club but spread love? Find out what someone loves. What they are passionate about.

Then LovePress it?

Don’t wait to hit send.

Don’t wait to hit publish.


Because it was free.

I took the Last Call card game from the meetup. Why?! Precious luggage space for a game I might never play and we didn’t even play on this trip. Why did I take it?!

Because it was free.

Start with, it’s free.


Just waiting the hotel room AC for the crew to arrive with the van. Last call.

Guess that kinda counts as using the game. Made me chuckle.

I say about a book if I learn one thing it’s worth reading. If I get a laugh. A smile. Make someone’s day brighter. Is it worth it?

For free?


Give back to get back.

#whatfivewords? as the newspaper boy? Like the guy on the side of the road in the Bahamas on the way to the airport. Holding a newspaper that said “Tourist told to stay away.”

Khristian wanted to snap a picture. But we missed the chance. We will just have to remember.

Conversation led to carving out time to blog and share those travel photos. And make a physical copy. Like partner with Shutterfly.

We should hand out pencils with our brand. Write with

Store your memories with


Create the archive of you, now.

So that future you can look back.

If we start to extend our lifespan can our memories keep up?

Use WordPress to help remember.


Write now. To remember in the future.

Remember the feeling with WordPress.


What could be the lazy river of WordPress.

How can we pull the feeling of water into the digital world?

Who can bring the WordPress philosophy to life?

WordPress adapts; flow like water.


Saying goodbye to the Bahamas.

I should write this down. As I stare out the windows in the wrong line at the airport. What’s waiting here vs waiting somewhere else. I don’t mind waiting. Gives me time to think. Time to write.

What are you waiting for?


Live your memories with WordPress.


Stolen from a sign in the Bahamas that said, “Live your moment with the most reliable network.”

Great artists steal.

Live your moment with WordPress.


Tell me your five words with the contact form below. Or leave a public comment. Keep it five words. But tell me why.

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