Windmills Become Giants

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A quick exploration.

Anna Summarize, very briefly, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

ChatGPT-4: Don Quixote is a novel about a delusional Spanish nobleman who, inspired by chivalric romances, becomes a knight-errant to pursue adventures and right wrongs, accompanied by his loyal and pragmatic squire, Sancho Panza.

Then, for some reason, inspired. I thought I’d ask something I’d never asked the program to do before. Give me something random.

Anna: Write 20 completely random words in a row and nothing else.

ChatGPT-4: Elephant, galaxy, umbrella, pineapple, harmony, xylophone, dandelion, skyscraper, carousel, whispers, kaleidoscope, labyrinth, sapphire, quasar, tambourine, serendipity, calligraphy, conundrum, marionette, supernova.

As I pondered where to go, I thought about combining the last two prompts.

Anna: Write a short poem, containing at least half of those words, that follows the theme of Don Quixote.


In a labyrinth of whispers and dreams,
A gallant knight, Don Quixote, schemes,
On a carousel of wild kaleidoscope,
He searches for harmony, love, and hope.

Under a sapphire sky and marionette moon,
He rides through the night, with a xylophone tune,
Skyscrapers stand like windmills in play,
His serendipity guides him along the way.

Through cosmic quasars and supernova skies,
The dandelion knight will never compromise,
With a heart of an elephant and an umbrella of will,
He embraces life’s calligraphy, adventure and thrill.

For some reason, I like to end on a question.

Anna: Pose a metaphorical question, to high schoolers, about the story of Don Quixote. Relate the question to the modern world somehow.

ChatGPT-4: In a world where windmills become giants and dreams collide with reality, how can you, as modern-day knights, tilt at the illusions of society and find your own true purpose?

Tilt at the illusions of society. That seems like a good place to stop.

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