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What is open source art? I’m not sure, just an idea I’m kicking around. I’m sure others have explored as well.

Why not ask ChatGPT.

ChatGPT-4: Open Source Art is a concept that merges the ethos of open-source software development with the realm of art. It would involve the creation, modification, and distribution of artistic works based on principles of transparency, collaboration, and freedom.

Below are some of my thoughts and collaborations. Inspired by the Art in the Pearl festival.

I gave away some ideas at Art in the Pearl on September 3rd, in Portland Oregon.

I considered myself just a gardener planting seeds that day. Offering bits of encouragement and perhaps sparks of inspiration. Maybe that is an art form.

Near the start of the festival (the start for me), I encountered Mike Donnelly a ceramic artist, who’s son was going to participate in the festival, didn’t have enough time, made some of the drawings on his dad’s booth. Mike asked if my dad and I were Portlanders. I said I grew up nearby and just moved back. When dad said across the river, he didn’t think that seemed to count as a Portlander. Laughing I said, “I identify as a Portlander.”

Which, given the current political climate, got Mike laughing too. He grabbed his notebook and pen (which I also carry) and said he was going to give that to his son. Me laughing now, I said he could as long as he made a shirt or some garment, that also says “I believe in open source.”

Techies will get it, I said. He didn’t know what it meant, but nodded and wrote it down at least.

Plus he liked my hat. A long time brand of mine. Fuck it. It reads, in white letters on a red beanie. I get so many laughs, comments, and questions about this hat. He asked if I made it. And if it was my logo/company name. While I did admit to making the hat, I said I don’t believe in it. But what did I mean by that statement. Do I not believe in the message or making a company out of it? Maybe both. Maybe neither.

Wandering further in the festival, I had to stop and stare at this one. A painting, by Samuel S Hoskins. Who, from my understanding of his comments, had studied in Florence (sounded recently) for five years.

I loved the Latin in this painting. In Sterquiliniis Invenitur. In Filth it is Found.

I wish I had asked him what that name meant for him or where it came from. Maybe I’ll see him again someday and get to ask.

But from that name, I found my own saying now which, is part of the reason I go to art events, not only to give away inspiration, but to get some. Maybe it’s more like a seed exchange. In Sterquiliniis Crescendimus. We grow in shit (manure, according to Google translate). Just like another of my favorite things, fungi.

If I had all the money in the world, I would have bought that painting.

And then commissioned Darryl Cox, Jr. of Fusion Frames to make a custom frame for it. His concept and work was very eye catching. Having worked in a frame shop and loving driftwood most of my life as well, I couldn’t help but enjoy the style.

Hanging empty frames on my walls for years, just as a storage method after working in the Joann’s frame-shop for a number of years, I could see the appeal. But what a joy it would be to see beautiful paintings by another artist, in the frames.

I planted the seed of the idea with both artists. I hope to see a joint show by them someday or read an article in the paper about it at least.

Those are the seeds that I remember vividly planting that day, but like a real garden, I know that other sprouts will appear, even things you didn’t intend to plant.

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