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An AIR (Artist in Residency) program could infuse tech companies with fresh perspectives, bridge the gap between creativity and innovation, and enrich product design and user experiences.

Just a start to the proposal. Found on a new site of mine. Linked there, and content shared again below.


8/20/2023 · Uncategorized

Anna: What would be a good site tagline for a website about the AIR program (artist in residency in tech), keep it incredibly short and cheeky.

ChatGPT-4: “Art Meets Code: Unexpected Collabs Await!”

Anna: What could art meets code, mean? Philosophically?

ChatGPT-4: “Art Meets Code” is a rich and evocative statement that ties two seemingly disparate worlds: the world of creativity, fluidity, and subjective expression (Art) with the world of logic, structure, and objective precision (Code). Philosophically, this union can be explored in several dimensions:

  1. Duality & Unity: Just as Eastern philosophy speaks of Yin and Yang, “Art Meets Code” could represent the harmonious balance between two opposites. The fluidity of art complements the rigidity of code, suggesting that true innovation emerges from this balance.
  2. Human Essence: While art has traditionally been a medium to express human emotions and experiences, in the modern era, code (or technology) has become an extension of our daily lives. Merging the two indicates the evolving definition of what it means to be human in a digital age.
  3. Evolution of Expression: Just as paint, stone, or clay were mediums of the past, code is becoming a medium of the present and future. When art meets code, it signifies the evolving nature of artistic mediums and how creativity finds new ways to manifest.
  4. Limitless Potential: Code, with its logical constraints, might seem limiting. However, when combined with the boundless imagination of art, it implies that even within structure, there’s infinite potential for creation.
  5. Interactivity & Experience: Traditional art is often static, something to be observed. Code allows art to become interactive, dynamic, and ever-changing. The fusion suggests a shift from passive observation to active participation in art.

In essence, “Art Meets Code” is a testament to the boundless potential of human creativity when it marries intuition with logic, tradition with innovation, and emotion with functionality.


Anna: Say all that in three words.

ChatGPT-4: Innovation. Harmony. Evolution.

My AIR program proposal. It’s a rough draft, filled with mostly questions.

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