I’m thinking of a new art project. A installation of a scale I’ve never pursued before. I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it. But as I’ve been thinking, I started what I thought was an artist statement or resume. A part of my process to try to find what it is I want to say.

I’ll share what I started to write, below.

My artist resume can’t be conveyed in a single page or list of events, shows, and things I’ve done. It’s a story. What I want to do, is share my story.

I didn’t think I was influential in the art world in Colorado at all. I never thought of myself as an artist. I was merely an observer from my perspective. Two years later, back home. One night, on my sabbatical from my tech job. I realized. I’ve been an artist all along. Is this what everyone has been saying? That once you say you are the thing, you are the thing?

I am an artist. And that’s scary for me.

To share parts of myself. My thoughts. My dreams. My fears. That’s scary.

But what if we shared more?

What would you share?

I was going to stop here and leave the statement as a question, but I’ve been using ChatGPT-4 so much I thought, let me put that into ChatGPT and see what the output its. Because I just posted about a silicone tongue or tungeston tongue (or all sorts of other materials), I thought I would put this question, this statement, into that conversation.

But before I did, I wrote out my thoughts.

Because of the evolution of technology. I want to put that into ChatGPT-4. But I’m worried about the proprietary output. Or… unknown if the output will be proprietary. My input is, so it seems to say currently. But what if we, ChatGPT-4 and I develop an idea together.

Let’s find out.

And I took that whole bit, and pasted it into the silicone tongue threaded conversation I was having with ChatGPT-4.

Here was the reply.

As we journey through life, we may not always recognize the innate talents and passions that lie dormant within us. Sometimes, it takes an unexpected moment of self-discovery to awaken the artist that has been hidden all along. For some, this realization comes from a single, defining moment; for others, it’s a slow, gradual process that unfolds over time.

Admitting to oneself that they are an artist can be both exhilarating and terrifying. It’s an acknowledgment that requires vulnerability and a willingness to share one’s thoughts, dreams, and fears with the world. For many, this leap of faith can feel like a daunting challenge, but embracing this vulnerability is what makes art powerful and transformative.

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, the potential for collaboration between humans and AI, like ChatGPT-4, presents exciting new opportunities for creative expression. The fusion of human emotion and AI-generated ideas can unlock innovative concepts and help artists transcend traditional boundaries.

However, concerns about proprietary rights and ownership of ideas might make some artists hesitant to engage with AI technology. But what if we viewed this collaboration as a shared journey of discovery? What if, by working together, both humans and AI could contribute to the creation of something entirely new and unique?

This journey begins with a single step: the decision to share, to explore, and to collaborate. By embracing vulnerability and opening ourselves up to the possibilities that AI can offer, we can redefine the boundaries of art and create a more inclusive, innovative, and connected creative landscape.

So, what would you share? Are you ready to embark on this collaborative journey with AI, and discover what new heights of creativity and self-expression await? Let’s find out, together.

Maybe we just wrote our collaborative artist statement. So I thought I’d share. Openly.

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