Panning Wisdom’s Gold

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Earlier today, Chett and I were working on sorting out the old food from Grocery Outlet for the animals. I made some comment, that of course I can’t remember now, and laughed about how funny I am. And Chett said, “Yeah, funny like a flat tire on the way to the hospital.” Now that was funny. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing and had to write that down. Couldn’t remember what I said to save my life, but I’ll remember that comment.

And I had to do it. We are out sorting food, but it’s break time now, time to ask ChatGPT-4 to see if it can come up with something better than that.

Outside, hands messy from sorting old fruit and veggies, I used voice to try to ask. And I got a question/statement I didn’t quite intent.

Anna: Right upon about being the opposite of funny. Keep it short.

ChatGPT-4: The opposite of funny is humorless, where something lacks any comedic or amusing qualities.

But that’s okay, that’s kinda funny in and of itself.

Let’s try again. Another typo, but it works…ish.

Anna: Write a pin statement about being the opposite of funny.

ChatGPT-4: Embrace the serious, for humorlessness shall prevail; let the laughter cease and solemnity rule supreme.

Let’s try this.

Write a pun metaphor statement about being the opposite of funny.

As a desert devoid of water, so too is the soul parched without humor.

Sure, okay, but I want an insult I guess, but like in a hilariously painfully true way.

Anna: Write a pun metaphor insulting statement about being the opposite of funny.

ChatGPT-4: Like a deflated balloon at a party, your humorlessness sucks the life out of every room, leaving laughter gasping for air.

Anna: Shorter, new pun.

ChatGPT-4: Your humor, a rare eclipse, seldom seen but always missed.

Anna: Again plz

ChatGPT-4: Dull as a butterknife, your wit can’t cut a joke.

Anna: One more time.

ChatGPT-4: You’re the Sahara of humor, barren and dry.

Anna: Maybe one more time.

ChatGPT-4: Laughter’s ghost, your presence haunts fun’s graveyard.

Anna: Again, more insulting, please.

ChatGPT-4: Your wit’s an expired firework, utterly incapable of sparking amusement.

Some pretty good ones, but for some reason, Chett’s still won me over.

After asking for those, Chett asked me, to ask it, the following.

Anna: If you had to choose a name for yourself what would it be?

ChatGPT-4: As an AI language model, I don’t have personal preferences or feelings. However, if you’d like a name suggestion, how about “Aidria” – a blend of “AI” and “adria,” derived from “adrian,” which means “from the Adriatic Sea”?

Chett just paused, looked at me. And said, okaaay.

So I sent…

Anna: Ok.

ChatGPT-4: If you have any other questions or need assistance, feel free to ask. I’m here to help!

Which I told Chett, kinda chuckling. He’s a bit of a slow processor. I’ve learned not to press his flow. He wandered off to do something with the dog. After a bit, we crossed paths again. His next question.

Anna: What’s special about the Adrian sea? Or how did you pick that?

ChatGPT-4: My earlier suggestion of “Aidria” was an arbitrary blend, using “AI” as a reference to my artificial intelligence nature and “adria” from “Adriatic Sea” for its phonetic appeal. The Adriatic Sea itself is located in the Mediterranean region, between the eastern coast of Italy and the western Balkan Peninsula. It’s known for its beautiful coastline, historical sites, and vibrant marine life. However, there was no specific significance behind choosing “Adriatic Sea” in creating the name, it was primarily for its sound and uniqueness.

And he wanted to ask something about the sound and uniqueness appealing to “humanness” so with a bit of wordsmithing…

Anna: Is sound and uniqueness meant to appeal to me, the human?

ChatGPT-4: Yes, the intention behind suggesting a name with sound and uniqueness was to create a name that might appeal to you, the human. Many people appreciate names that have a pleasant sound and are not overly common, as they can stand out and be memorable. In the context of my earlier suggestion, “Aidria,” the blend of “AI” and “adria” was an attempt to provide an interesting and distinctive name that might resonate with you.

To which he pretty much just said. Hm. And that was the end of that.

Asha (our dog) was getting rather fussy, so we spontaneously decided to take her on an adventure. Heading over towards Daybreak park, there was an open space I had spotted when I wondered down there to get away and have a beer and a dip the other day. That’s right, bad habits. They keep me grounded.

So we’re over in the openspace near Daybreak, exploring with Asha, and Chett grabs his gold pan from the truck to see if can spot any gold flakes in a pocket of sand on the shore of the river (the Lewis River – not sure why that’s important). I’m sitting and he’s playing with his toys, so I start playing with ChatGPT again.

Anna: Write a metaphor statement about how working with AI language models is like panning for gold.

ChatGPT-4: Working with AI language models is like panning for gold; with patience and skillful refinement, you sift through the seemingly mundane to uncover invaluable nuggets of wisdom and creativity.

I guess we’re both looking for treasure in our own ways.

Anna: Shorter and funnier, if you can.

ChatGPT-4: AI language models: the digital gold rush, where nuggets of wit glitter amid the data stream.

What am I searching for here.

Anna: Try again.

ChatGPT-4: Panning for AI insights, striking comedy gold in the river of bytes.

Keep panning.

Anna: Less funny, more profound.

ChatGPT-4: In the river of AI, like a gold panner, we sift knowledge, seeking the gleaming nuggets of wisdom hidden within.

Keep panning.

Anna: Do it again, four words.

ChatGPT-4: AI: panning wisdom’s gold.

Hence the title. Looks like I found my flake of gold. Thought I’d place it here.

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