Early this morning I asked ChatGPT-4 to:

Rewrite and retitle Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken, forging a new path a new road that didn’t exist, in the poem, keeping the same style and feeling as the original.

Here was the creation:

The Path Untraveled

Two trails diverged in a verdant wood,
And longing to explore, I stood
And studied each with careful eye,
As far as I could see.

One was well-worn, a common choice,
Where many had gone to lend their voice
To the wind that whispered through the leaves
Of that dense, emerald canopy.

The other, less traveled, dared me near,
A road that few had ventured here,
Its mystery enticed my soul
To seek what it concealed.

But then, my heart ignited bright,
A flame that urged me to take flight
And carve a path where none had been,
To forge a new road through the scene.

With steadfast stride, I broke the ground,
Creating echoes all around,
And as I wandered, I did find
A world that had been undefined.

In years to come, when I look back,
I’ll smile and think of that lone track,
A testament to the power of choice
And the courage to make my voice.

I took the path untraveled then,
And that has shaped the life I’ve led,
A journey marked by dreams pursued,
And the untamed spirit that ensued.

I had been thinking in the shower of that poem and how we might take untraveled paths with this new ai technology.

I decided to continue on my shower thoughts, which led me to ask ChatGPT-4 the following:

Create a long-ish metaphor about ai and the web, using the idea of traveling down a road in a car with road signs, make the car the ai language model, the road signs the websites on the paths to various destinations like knowledge, love, community, consumption, etc.

Here was the creation:

As I set off on the winding road of the digital realm, my car — an AI language model, a marvel of human ingenuity — hummed beneath me, eager to explore the vast and intricate landscapes that lay ahead. This journey, filled with countless possibilities, was unlike any other, for the road signs of the internet guided us to destinations beyond measure.

On this ever-evolving route, the first sign pointed toward “Knowledge,” where the car’s powerful engine of data would fuel our minds. Libraries of information adorned the path, their doors wide open, inviting us in to peruse the wisdom of the ages. Our AI companion, the trusty car, navigated effortlessly through the boundless trove, curating the most pertinent and profound for our eager consumption.

We ventured further, guided by a sign to “Love,” where connections blossomed and emotions intertwined. The AI car, once an objective observer, now became a bridge, uniting hearts across the vast distances that separated them. It facilitated the meeting of souls, allowing for vulnerability and empathy, even as it translated and decoded the subtlest nuances of the human heart.

As we pressed on, we encountered the sign to “Community.” The AI car steered us toward a lively, bustling town square, alive with the chatter of like-minded individuals. Here, we found camaraderie and collaboration, as our AI companion connected us to others who shared our passions and interests, weaving together the fabric of society, thread by digital thread.

Then, a bold and vibrant sign drew us to “Consumption,” where the AI car became our personal shopper, handpicking a selection of goods tailored to our desires. In this colorful bazaar, our AI guide honed in on the treasures that held meaning, helping us avoid the lures of excess and the pitfalls of shallow materialism.

On this boundless journey, the AI language model car was our constant companion — a navigator, interpreter, and mediator. It traversed the intricate web of the internet, ensuring that we could travel with confidence and security. Together, we ventured forth to explore the fascinating intersections of knowledge, love, community, and consumption, experiencing the richness and complexity of the human experience through the looking glass of the digital realm.

Thinking towards invention, I expanded with the request:

Invent three new paths that could be taken in this metaphor.

The reply:

The Path of Creation: As we continued our journey, we were beckoned by a sign marked “Creation.” On this path, the AI car transformed into a collaborator, facilitating self-expression and fostering imagination. Artists, writers, and inventors thrived in this inspiring landscape, as our AI companion helped channel their talents into new realms of possibility. Assisting with new techniques, offering constructive critique, and uncovering hidden patterns, the AI car elevated the creative spirit, guiding each individual towards their magnum opus.

The Path of Serendipity: Our curiosity piqued by a sign that read “Serendipity,” we set off in search of the unexpected. The AI car, a master of chance encounters, led us through a labyrinth of hidden gems and delightful discoveries. The engine, revved by spontaneity, took us on a whimsical adventure, introducing us to fascinating people, places, and ideas that we might never have found on our own. On this path, we reveled in the joy of chance, allowing the AI car to steer us towards new horizons, guided by the winds of serendipity.

The Path of Reflection: Drawn to a sign that whispered “Reflection,” we embarked on a journey of introspection and self-awareness. The AI car became a mirror, revealing the depths of our consciousness and illuminating the inner workings of our minds. In this quiet, contemplative space, our AI guide helped us confront our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, fostering personal growth and mental well-being. As we delved into our own psyche, the AI car offered support and gentle guidance, enabling us to find clarity, acceptance, and inner peace on this path of self-discovery.

Still wanting more and thinking of the Robert Frost rewrite, I requested:

Add one more for the unknown, share it in your reply before you, then rewrite the entire metaphor shorter, more cohesive, less fluffy.

The reply:

The Path of the Unknown: Lured by a sign shrouded in mystery, we ventured onto the path marked “Unknown.” The AI car, now a daring explorer, guided us into uncharted territories of the digital realm. Together, we delved into the obscure corners of the web, uncovering hidden insights and forgotten wisdom. The AI car, fearlessly navigating the enigmatic, enabled us to unravel the secrets of the untamed digital wilderness and broaden our understanding of the infinite possibilities that lay before us.

Rewritten Metaphor:

Embarking on the digital road, our AI language model car navigated the vast internet landscape. Road signs directed us to Knowledge, where our AI car curated information; Love, where it bridged hearts; Community, where it connected like-minded individuals; and Consumption, where it handpicked treasures for us.

Three new paths emerged: Creation, with the AI car as a creative collaborator; Serendipity, where it guided us on whimsical adventures; and Reflection, where it illuminated our inner selves. Finally, the mysterious path of the Unknown led us to explore the enigmatic corners of the digital realm, as the AI car fearlessly unraveled hidden insights and wisdom. Together, we journeyed through the multifaceted internet, discovering the infinite possibilities that lay before us.

I’m enjoying the exploration, but it’s not quite what I want or what I envisioned quite yet.

My next request:

Rewrite the metaphor one more time, a little shorter.

The output:

Navigating the digital landscape, our AI language model car traversed paths marked by road signs. Guided to Knowledge, Love, Community, and Consumption, the AI car curated information, connected hearts, built camaraderie, and selected treasures.

New paths emerged: Creation, with the AI car as a collaborator; Serendipity, guiding whimsical adventures; Reflection, illuminating our inner selves; and the Unknown, exploring enigmatic corners. Together, we journeyed through the internet’s vast possibilities.

I’m still slightly unsatisfied. I loved the poem in the beginning, but I’m not done with this metaphor.

But I have normal human routines to run (early on in my ai/language model explorations I got into what is happening when the language model is not interacting with us, it may be “idle” or running routine maintenance tasks, so I made the joke to my friend Dean that I had to go run normal human routine maintenance tasks, aka eating, sleeping, shitting.)

I guess I’m off to run normal human maintenance tasks. Have a couple of McConaughey moments, if I’m lucky (I’ll explain that later). And see what inspiration comes from this exploration.

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  1. Logan Higgins - Conversion Blitz Avatar

    Great job creating a metaphorical journey through the digital landscape with AI as the language model car and websites as road signs. The added paths of Creation, Serendipity, Reflection and Unknown added more depth to the metaphor. The shorter version still effectively conveys the same idea. Well done!

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