Do Bees Take Breaks?

Do bees take breaks? Or are they just constantly working? Is flying back to the hive like a break or a walk after work? Is that when they think about other things? What do bees think about?

Maybe these are silly questions, but what’s wrong with that! Why does it seem like kids are the only ones allowed to think and ask silly questions?

I recently got a beehive and bees, and put them on my roof, to be out of reach of the bears in the neighborhood. I’ve loved just watching them these first few days as it warms up in spring. Watching them discover their home, go out and search for flowers, fly in circles around the hive, figure out the entrance, and sometimes bump into each other. But most of all I like just sitting and thinking about them and their little bee lives.

I thought I read somewhere that bees can learn to recognize their beekeeper and their habits, and part of me also wonders if some of them are watching me as I type on the computer through the window. There was a large group on the outside of the hive today, trying to cool off in the hot weather I think, and that seems like a perfect opportunity to stare back at me, through the window, and contemplate what I think about.

Maybe it’s a bit bold of me to assume that bees can think, contemplate, or wonder in the same way that we do, but it makes me smile, and that’s enough.

I’ve always liked asking philosophical questions. Maybe they are questions without answer, but that’s okay. I just like imagining, thinking, and pondering these strange topics. I don’t need answers, I just like the sense of wonder. I hope that we all keep that as we grow up.

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