Book Thoughts: Einstein’s Dreams

I recently reread Einsteins’ Dreams by Alan Lightman. I just can’t help but come back to it when I get to contemplating time and reality.

It’s a fictional story, or set of short stories really, about what Einstein might have been dreaming about when he was working the patent office in Switzerland and developing his theory of relativity.

I was first exposed to this book when it was given to me along with The Man Who Planted Trees, and Crossing the Unknown Sea, Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity. It was a set of three books, given as a parting gift when I left a past job. I think they were all intended to open my mind, change my perspective, and perhaps make me think about the world just a bit differently. I lost touch with the person who gave them too me, she was always a bit of a recluse anyway, and I’ve just never been able to get in touch with her after I stopped seeing her every day at work.

These three books have had dramatic impact on me. And I always come back to them, at different points for different reasons.

The recent swift journey through Einstein’s Dreams was just for fun. It was a sunny weekend day and I read it sitting out side, staring at the trees, and thinking about each imaginative dream world as I read. What would life be like in these different worlds where time is not as we perceive it in this reality.

Fun an easy to read, if you like contemplating time, dreams, and/or Einstein, I highly recommend it.

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