Documentary Review: The Bleeding Edge

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I’ve been a bit of documentary kick with Netflix recently. I generally only watch things when I’m walking on the treadmill or leave something on when I’m cooking a meal. For some reason, walking on the treadmill and watching a documentary makes the time go by faster for me opposed to some fiction show.

The recent one that caught my attention is called The Bleeding Edge. I pulled up a description of it just to drop here.

Filmmaker Kirby Dick examines the the $400 billion medical device industry and the profit-driven mind-set that rushes implanted devices into the marketplace with proper clinical trials.

All in all, it’s definitely worth watching. There are a few moments that are truly shocking (descriptions of aftermath of robotic surgery, problems with female sterilization devices, and a few others) and might make you want to stop watching.

And because of my own physical struggles and fascination with cognitive sciences I found the anecdotal information regarding cobalt poisoning from joint replacements very interesting. The tips at the end of the documentary are worth repeating in as many places as possible I think and don’t seem like bad advice no matter the situation.

Research any device that will be used on or in you. New is not necessarily better.

Get a second opinion for any risky or expensive procedure.

Ask your surgeon how many procedures he or she has performed.

Have a friend or family member be your advocate while you’re in the hospital.

To see if your doctor has been paid by a medical device company go to

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