Reading, Reading, and More Reading

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I read a lot. I mean a lot. And multiple books and once, and multiple disciplines. Right now I’m reading a book about painting light by James Gurney, a favorite childhood author of mine. I’m reading a book about health and eating right, because I don’t do enough to maintain a healthy diet. I’m reading a book about customer service to hopefully advance my understanding of what I want from my work. I’m reading a book about economics, a book about religion, a book about the history of Colorado Springs, a book about computer algorithms, a book about soil health, a fiction book or two and of course a Calvin and Hobbes comic, because Bill Watterson is the best.

I like being able to jump around and explore different topics depending on what I’m thinking about at the time. To me, this is a form of continuing education, whether or not it’s “counted” on the resume. If someone were to ask about any of these topics, my knowledge grows with everything I learn and read, so my responses would be better, more interesting and more thought about.

Plus it’s often better than watching TV.


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