The Evolution of a Painting

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Back when I worked at the Business of Art Center (now the Manitou Art Center) I was creating more artwork than I feel like I am now. And with what feels like more intention, looking back. Now I’m just making art because I like making art, not with any direct show or goal in mind.

The painting in it’s finished form.

Being partially motivated by being around artwork and artists all day, and partially motivated by the curator at the time Liz Szabo I was actually making art with that intention. And this piece was for and in a show called Inherent Vice (before the movie by the same name came out – we did it first).

It started as a drawing, as you can see from the featured image, but eventually I oil painted over the top. And it’s one of those things for me, I’m not sure I like it as much as an oil painting, but it is what it is.

This was also a time in my painting where I was exploring with the medium, so I was mixing extra turpinoid or linseed oil with the paint/pigments in order to make them run and drip as you see in the painting. I do like that aspect of it, and you can see those drips still come out in my current work from time to time, whether it be with watercolors, oils, or encaustics.

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