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I’m not exactly sure what, if anything I’m trying to accomplish with this blog, other than learning about websites and blogs and practicing writing. But I had the thought the other day, that if I keep up a once per month pace, and about this length post, in about ten years I’ll have written enough for a standard length novel. Not that it would be interesting to read, but that’s a lot of words. But that’s also a lot of years.

I think about writing other things a lot. I do keep a small notebook with random ideas as they pop up, plus have docs on google drive where I’ve started stories, jotted down other ideas, I also have a digital journal, separate from these ideas, where sometimes ideas pop up as well.

I read some anecdote a while back about someone who wanted to be a writer and had met an “actual writer,” and the writer asked him, “Oh that’s great, what do you write now?” And the guy didn’t have an answer, he didn’t write anything, it was to some extent just a pie in the sky, idealistic statement. He wasn’t putting in the time, so to speak.

So, to some extent I do consider myself a writer. I blog, I journal, I write stories and story ideas, I write a lot of emails and I spend a lot of time reading, which I consider also a strong aspect of being a writer. And I don’t think I’m doing anything worth writing about, so I guess I better get my but in gear and write even more.


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