Pursuit of Passion

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I have a friend who is homeless. When I met him he was staying in a local shelter and attempting to become an artist. He works mainly in pen and ink and wants to develop an adult coloring book to sell on a small scale.

In order to help him on his journey, I gave him some nice paper and bought him some nice pens to help him get cleaner lines in his drawings, opposed to using sharpies that tend to bleed. He also stayed with us for a short time and now I think he is with a friend in Las Vegas.Finding Luna

Before he became homeless he was professor. Holds multiple degrees in divinity and religion. He found it wasn’t the life for him and was drowning in the world he had created for himself. He left his well paying job and is pursuing art to the best of his ability.

I hope he is well and he is still making art. The image here a piece he gave me as a thanks for supporting him in the small way that I did. Being somewhat different from his usual work (he doesn’t normally color them in), I find it extremely special.

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